factorie antwerpen

An industrial loft with luxurious offices in a retro atmosphere.

"The Factorie" is an office complex which, with a wink to Andy Warhol, is located in an old print shop.

That's why "The Factorie" is completely different from the usual business centers, "The Factorie" is young and dynamic, but also classic and stylish.

Due to the variety of tenants, you have a comprehensive network available daily. "We Know Us" principle is an added value in "The Factory".

Rent according to your wishes

You can rent an office space in "The Factorie" for a period of time, on an annual basis or adapted to your wishes.

A lease agreement is made in accordance with the chosen formulas. You have 24/7 access to your office space, the lobby, coffee shop and meeting rooms.

During the business hours we will always provide reception service for you and your customers. Furthermore, you have Wifi, telephony, projection equipment, specific ICT support on request, reception of shipments, parking, cleaning of your office and shared areas.